There have been many songs composed, written poetry, and painted canvas to depict love. But is it true love? Of course a painter will vary with the creator of the song in explaining love. In fact, each person will define love in different ways. And that’s fine.
Robert Sternberg, a psychologist United States, believes that love in an interpersonal relationship has three basic components, intimacy (intimacy), passion (passion) and commitment (commitment). The three components of love are then combined together to form seven different types of love:

1. Nonlove
This love consists only of intimacy component. Among individuals who experience this kind of love interwoven physical and emotional closeness. However, this kind of love usually only happens in the friendship. Both sides feel there is a close relationship is warm, but not accompanied with deep emotion (passion) and long-term commitment. You certainly do not mind if a friend should continue their studies or changed jobs to another city, right? In love this friendship no attachment that forces each party to always be together.

2. Infatuation
Often called love love at first sight. This love is likened to come from the eye and then down to the heart. When he saw the object of love, passion to always arise together. Though maybe you do not actually have the closeness that exists with the object of love. Passion is the only component of love that exist in these types of love relationships. There is no emotional closeness that exists and also there is no commitment. That is why, infatuition easily arise and are also easily lost.

3. Empty Love
In this affair there are only components of commitment. Lots of love-turned-love hollow as time passes. Relationship that at first feels warm and passionate, sometimes turn into a hollow because the components of intimacy and passion has faded. But in an arranged marriage relationship, often what happens is the opposite. The pair started from an empty love (commitment imposed). And, over time begin to arise intimacy and passion.

4. Romantic Love
Couples who engage in this kind of love would look like together because of the intimacy. In addition, couples romantic love will also have a deep passion for each other. That is why, a couple in love is what is usually called being drunk love. Even so, the lovesick couples do not necessarily want to forever together. In this kind of love affair there is no commitment because it is often felt to curb the pleasure of love itself.

5. Companionate Love
It could also be interpreted faithful love. Well, this kind of love relationship often found in marriage or a relationship that had long been intertwined. In this connection, usually passion has faded. However, there are still inherent intimacy and commitment. In general, faithful love is the relationship between you and the person that is long enough to share the joys and sorrows. Faithful love is stronger than love of friends because of the commitment component. Besides the marriage relationship, love can also be found faithful in relationships lasting friendships and also among family relatives.

6. Fatuous Love
Alias ??blind love. So named because its constituent components is only passion and commitment. These types of love relationships tend to be howling for no intimacy that can stabilize a relationship. Blind love can have a negative impact because it usually involves a sense of want to have a binding for each individual. In fact, it may no longer function relationship positive. Proven in the absence of a sense of trust so that the closeness between individuals is not established.

7. Consummate Love
People interpret it as true love. This is the love that everyone coveted. Love is the most perfect in the presence of components of intimacy, passion, and commitment. The existence of the three components of love making these kinds of love relationships tend to run stably. The commitment that exists in this love based on mutual respect (because of the close relationship that is physically and emotionally), and also a desire to be with a very strong. This is what makes true love will be more durable than other types of love.

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